Photographer agreement

Our agreement is limited to the images/digital files uploaded by the photographer to any of the Human Spectra photo libraries. The Photographer, by his/her signature or confirmation of contract request by digital sign, attests to his/her agreement to the terms stated, and further warrants that all photographs which he/she supplies to Agent are images or duplicates of images or digital files to which the Photographer holds copyright and full rights without any restriction.

If any persons are identifiable in the photograph(s), the Photographer warrants that he/she possesses written authorisation from the subjects for the commercial use of their likenesses, except where the label has been clearly marked “No Release”. This document is the Photographer’s guarantee that he/she will assume full responsibility if the Agent’s customers make any claim for damages resulting from a breach of these warranties.

The Photographer agrees to maintain records of which other agents and clients have been furnished with similar or identical images, so that, when necessary, clients may be informed of any potentially conflicting uses.

Human Spectra charge the photographer with a commision for the services provided - marketing, sales, administration, payment services and juridical errands.

The Photographer authorises the Agent to act on his/her behalf to license reproduction rights of the images and collect fees for such use. The stated percentage of the fees collected will be remitted to the Photographer on a quarterly basis.

While the Agent will make every effort to enforce licensing agreements with clients, the Photographer will not hold the Agent liable for the failure of clients to pay for usage, for mislabelling or incorrect crediting by clients,
unauthorised usage, loss or damage to transparencies or digital files, etc. Human Spectra will follow up and take legal action towards illigal use of image from the Human Spectra photo libraries with normal procedueres to the point of collection of debts.

All digital files and/or transparencies are submitted to the Agent for a minimum period of one year. The agreement may be recalled upon giving three month advance notice of annual contract date. Otherwise it will automaticly be
extended with one year. A cancellation of the agreement will take action, and all digital files will be removed, on the annual contract date. This provision enables the Agent with confidence to invest in promotion of the Photographer’s

The contracted photographer recognises that it would be an abuse of the relationship and a breach of ethics to attempt to make direct contact with clients that are developed by the Agent and to by-pass the Agent in future sales.

Human Spectra AB owns the right to use any images in the Human Spectra photo libraries for marketing activities of Human Spectra web-sites, brands and its sub-labels world wide. This agreement shall be valid, enforced and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Sweden.