Human Spectra AB and our website(s) use images both from members and from external photographers.

These images may not be copied or used in any form without the photographer's/copyright owner's consent.

No images, graphics, software, scripts, or applets may be reproduced or used in any manner without permission from the copyright holders.

All images published by Human Spectra and their affiliated photographers on their websites/image archives are to be considered photographic products in accordance with Copyright Law.

A photographic product is distinguished by a level of creativity and originality, as well as a distinctive character, and is protected by Copyright Law for 70 years after the death of the originator.

An image may only be used in the context agreed upon with the originator. No changes to the image may be made without the originator's consent. This applies to clipping, retouching, digital manipulation or other methods. It is is forbidden to store images for future use without the originator's consent. Boden Turism and its members own the exclusive rights to all images published on this website.

The originator's exclusive right to control the use of his or her picture is valid for 70 years (extended by 20 years in law amendment 960101) after the originator's year of death. A photographic image that is not considered an original work is instead protected for 50 years after its production year. In order to be considered an original work, the image must have a certain individuality, originality and distinctive character, meaning that two persons would not be able to create the same image independently from one another. 

Two types of copyright exist for photographic products:

1. Financial copyright no one but the photographer is entitled to duplicate the product for financial gain, i.e. reproduce new copies of the images for publication.

2. Moral rights naming of the photographer is always required. Moral rights include public rights of respect, meaning that a product may not be used in a manner that would be prejudicial to the honour or reputation of the originator. Moral rights also give protection against modification. Customers/end users may not modify or retouch an image without permission.

Any violation to the regulations stated above may be concidered as a trespass of the photographers or Human Spectra's rights and may be prosecuted in the Court of law.