Pontus Arvåsen — Kullavik, Sweden

Pontus Arvåsen is an autodidactic Fine Art Photographer with studio in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. His style is poetic, dreamlike often with natural sunlight as the only source of light, a swedish journalist wrote that his images createas a John Bauer atmospher. The motifs varies but are often categorized under botanical or nature photography, typical is that they are not the most obvious or classic objects. The pictures should bring out the true beauty of things that most people pass by without noticing. \\\\r\\\\nMost of his work comes from own ideas but also commissioned by companies or private persons who wants framed fine art photos with a certain motif or a specific colour, feeling etc. You’ll also find his photos on two appreciated gift card series sold all over Sweden at selected retailers.\\\\r\\\\nHe have had several exhibition at his own gallery ‘konstfotografen’ ( eng The Fine Art Photographer ) but in February 2008 when his baby Aston was born he had his last exhibition at that gallery and will concentrate on his art and let other galleries represent his work. \\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nPontus says;\\\\r\\\\nThe feeling is key. I try to capture the soul of the object instead of a scientific perfect depict ready for the encyclopedia. You shouldn´t have to analyse and break down my art to appreciate it. Just rely on your gut feeling and let your emotions and your fantasy run free. \\\\r\\\\nI want to mediate inspiration and positive feelings. I want to trigger the amazement and curiosity that is inside every human being, my dream is to keep renewing the respect of life and everything around us.\\\\r\\\\nI like to control the whole process from the shutter release to the finished framed artwork. Choice of paper, printing ,passpartout and frame is all important parts of my art. A certain frame can give me inspiration for a new image that will match the frame.

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