Johan Marklund — Frösön, Sweden

Born and raised in Östersund – the city of winter – outdoor activities came as naturally to me as riding the subway comes to my urban counterparts. Nowdays, based in Stockholm I’m picking up on the later skill. Even though I’m now part timed employed on a business journal, my heart in photography still hammers for the joy and harmony that playing in the nature provides.

As a photographer I like to see myself as a crossoverartist, implementing familiar techniques from one field into another. For example external flashes and radio transmitters is always to be found in my camera bag. Whatever the technique, it’s something that is essential for me as a person and for my work, and that is the nature and its broad variation.

However mostpart of my photos are documentery I don’t want them to be documents of something that risk to be no more existing. To prevent that from happen I don’t do much, many people would probably regard me as not very environmental, I don’t buy ecological products, I don’t drive a environmental friendly car and I don’t sort my waste. However I do one thing, a thing that I look upon as the most important thing of them all. I keep my consumtion to a bare minimum. That my friends is to me the sole issue, buy as little as nothing, trust me, the world doesn’t become that less poluted if one just goes from one over-consumtion to another just because it’s marked with a green tag. Transportation, raw-materials and energy are still needed. So ask yourself next time your in for some shopping, do you need it or is a just a substitute for something else lacking in your life, like a day out in the mountains with fresh white powder under your skis.

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