Fredrik Broms — Kvalsöysletta, Norway

Fredrik Broms was born in Sweden in 1978 and quickly became interested in most things related to nature, spending most of his time in the forests looking at everything from mushrooms to frogs in the company of various cameras. After completing high school studies in natural sciences, Fredrik started studying chemistry and biology at various Nordic Universities and finished his degree in Marine Ecology at Kristineberg Marine Research Station at the Swedish west coast. In 2000, Fredrik moved to Svalbard in the European High Arctic to study Arctic Biology, and immediately fell in deep love with the vast and silent icy world and returned many times in the years to come.

In 2006, Fredrik moved to Tromsø in northern Norway to work as a PhD student in Arctic Marine Biology and has lived and worked in the Arctic and in Northern Norway ever since. He is a freelance nature photographer with main focus on the Arctic Environment, with special interest in imaging things related to climate change, northern lights/auroras and birds and mammals of the high north. He has published pictures in various well renowned magazines and is currently working on a book project and he has also been involved in scientific photo-identification of whales in the North Atlantic.

Fredrik has dedicated his life to the understanding of the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems and to understand how the marine ecosystem in the Arctic may respond to increased water temperatures in the future. He actively support several environmental organisations and try to minimize energy consumption by not driving a car and, whenever possible, buy local and ecological products. By imaging the beauty of the nature in a sustainable way with leaving as small a footprint as it is possible, I wish to show the immense beauty, and at the same time, also show how vulnerable the natural world around us is.

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