Ellen De Boer — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Born in the Netherlands I lived a life without photography until I made my first exotic trip to Indonesia. I was mesmerized by the beauty of this country. I bought myself a throw-away point-and-shoot camera to try and capture it. It turned out to be very satisfying decision. This new found activity quickly changed my life. Gradually I realised that not only exotic countries have a lot to offer, but also in the Netherlands there is much natural beauty to be found. Photography is a perfect combination with my desire to be outdoors as much as possible. Most of my photos are made in and around Amsterdam. My strength is that I see and respect the beauty of nature, always and everywhere. Not only in large sized natural areas but even within cities. Besides that I still love to travel to countries all over the world to enjoy and capture the diversity of our natural world. Important features in my work are structure and color. I try to turn nature into art. My favourite subjects are plants and animals from close-up to wide angle. With my work I like to show the beauty of our world is and hope to stimulate the overall awareness to protect it. I work completely with digital equipment (Nikon). It is great to be able to work with photos without the need to print them all, it is much more environmental friendly .

My personal motto: If I change, the whole world changes.

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