David Björkén — dfh, Sweden

As a photographer I often undertake long treks in mountain regions, especially in the most northern parts of Scandinavia. As a native of that region, but nowadays resides in Malmö in the south of Sweden, I often feels a longing for the nature up in the north. Besides my work as a photographer, I am also responsible for the graphic work of the classical music magazine Opus, as a consult for the Spanish mountain boot manufacturer Bestard and some other freelancing works. I have also a background with many years of university studies in psychology, archaeology, social anthropology, philosophy and medicine and I have worked at a blood donor central for six years.
Photography has always been among my greatest interests, together with outdoor life, music and skiing. Among my favourite photographical motifs belongs nature, jazz photography and classical street photography.
Thanks to my interest in the nature I also have a strong environmental motivation in which I strives to minimalize my negative impact on the environment for example by choose food which has been produced in my local area, sorting out garbage, most often travel by train and try not drive my car so often if i not have to.


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