We have our own Camp!

Stay overnight in Lavvu tents with comfort in the absolute wild forest of Swedish Lapland and Råne River Valley. Single, Twin, Doubles and family rooms can be arranged. Minimum groups of 4. Activities that starts right from the camp: Specialized in Photographic courses/inspiration tours.´


About the accomodation tents

Shared ecotoilet & Washroom around 20-50 m from the tents. Showers can be arranged in the end and at the start of the programme.

More Activities

Snowshoe trekking, Dogsleigh adventure, snowmobile safaris, wildlife trekking, Ice fishing, classic canoeing, rafting etc.

About Winter photo workshops

Winter- and low light photography in the cold need another way of thinking, especially about exposure. The bright snow in daytime as well as the extreme lowlight situations in the evenings will put you all on challange. Toghether with Fredrik Broman in different workshops, and on location in the forest, by the semi-frozen river and at Aurora camp you will get a chance to test and develop new photography skills. Action photography in the great white and cold with siberian huskys is another very challenging situatiuon. We have a unique husky setup that is ecpecially calibrated for photography.

Tailor made photography Courses from 1 day up to 10 Days is offered. Coast to coast adventures with a photographic theme is the ultimate experience.

Equipment to bring on the courses:

Laptop computer
SLR camera or advanced compact
Tripod with mount for your camera
Extra batteries (for the cold, you need extra)
Thin gloves (to have inside the ones you get from us, and that you can operat the camera with in the cold)