Founders of the agency

born 1971, lives in Sörbyn, northern Sweden, with his family. He has managed an advertising agency, owned a travel agency and worked for many years as a fishing guide at one of Sweden’s finest fishing camps. As a photographer, he has visited Cuba, Mongolia, New Zealand and northern Canada, among other regions.
However, his first love is the woodlands and mountains of Sweden. As one who enjoys the good things in life, even when trekking in the toughest terrain, Palle can cook pasta to al dente perfection, even on a camp stove.

Palle is member of the board and President of Human Spectra.

Palle Andersson
Ph: +46 (0)70 317 92 29


born 1971, lives in Lassbyn, northern Sweden, with his family. He is a qualified teacher, but has worked as a freelance photographer for the past 10 years. Fredrik has lived in Africa for much of his photographic career. He tied the knot with his beloved Anna on the shore of Lake Naivasha in Kenya. He has a passion for the Himalayas and is one of those who can’t wait to discover what lies beyond the next mountain ridge. Fredrik is our Chairman of board and the Director of Photographers.

Fredrik Broman
Ph: +46 (0)70 655 79 66