We like to share.

Human Spectra is a stock agency owned by photographer Fredrik Broman with head quarter in Swedish Lapland. We live in an environment that we also would like our grandchildren to experience. That’s one of the reasons why we have started this stock agency with goals both to sell a lot of high quality images AND change global environment politics. We believe that we, as one part of society, have to make a stand for sustainable use of our planet.

We like to become a stock agency covering the true environments of our globe - and do it with local photographers. With global sale and local photographic work we contribute to a global fair trade society. In our opinion - that is sharing.

Both our customers and our affiliated photographers come from a variety of environments and cultures on our globe. We think that a green stock agency on the global media market will bring about more than the once that doesn’t make a statement. We are convinced that the businesses of tomorrow are green.

The founders of the company have vast experience from living an active lifestyle in the wilderness areas of the planet. Whether it is the wintry landscapes of the Arctic, Lapland taiga, Mongolian steppe or African savannah – we’ve experienced some of its spectres. Similarities are seen in nature and the living conditions of indigenous peoples the world over. Human Spectra’s strength lies in the owners’ love of the magnificent natural world we inhabit and of our understanding of our place in it.

We are a stock photo agency with an expressed aim: Namely, we not only believe that our photos can have an impact, we believe they will have an impact. This is the reason why we do what we do.